SmartCare Products and Services

Reduce environmental risk using optimal stimulation solutions

The Baker Hughes SmartCare™ qualified products, systems, and services minimize environmental impact during hydraulic fracturing. This family of superior chemistry and technology helps to ensure underground source drinking water remains safe during the well life.

Hydraulic fracturing is vital to producing increased natural gas resources in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Long-term zonal isolation and lasting well integrity—combined with local, state, provincial, or federal regulations—are important elements in groundwater protection during oil and gas production.

SmartCare services’ 14-point checklist of environmental, toxicological, and physical categories evaluate chemical components. This standardized evaluation process does not replace existing local regulatory requirements. This is a scientific protocol for assessing and comparing potential product hazards within regulatory guidelines, enhancing limited regulations, or establishing a benchmark when regulations do not exist.

Because you need treatment flexibility for the many types of conventional and unconventional reservoirs, SmartCare qualified products offer dependable performance, value, and compatibility with consistent quality.

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