PrimeStar Frac Pack Fluid System

Reduce hydrostatic horsepower requirements while improving multi-zone frac pack performance

The PrimeStar™ system reduces hydraulic horsepower (HHP) requirements and offers improved compatibility with reservoir fluids and minerals. Designed to work in high-density sodium bromide-based brines, its high viscosity and good shear stability lower the risk of premature screenout and improve proppant placement during frac pack and fracturing operations.

Reduce hydraulic horsepower requirements

The PrimeStar system is a premium, borate-crosslinked guar fluid mixed in a sodium bromide-based brine. It is ideal for applications where excessively high surface treating pressures would be required when using conventional low density fluids. The system’s increased fluid density yields greater hydrostatic head pressure, allowing for significant reductions in HHP.

The system’s high fluid efficiency minimizes fluid volumes and polymer loading requirements. In addition, it addresses the need for a heavyweight frac-pack fluid with superior share recovery capable of maintaining proppant transport under extreme pumping conditions.

Reliably complete your most challenging deepwater wells

One of the main benefits of PrimeStar is risk mitigation. By providing superior shear recovery, the fluid is not degraded and maintains its viscosity─preserving its proppant-carrying capacity. This helps the fluid transport the proppant through the perforations into the formation rather than dropping it in the annulus where it would accumulate and initiate an early screenout. With PrimeStar systems, a proprietary organoborate crosslinker allows the frac fluid to remain stable even after extreme shearing, improving performance as compared to other gels’ shear recovery.

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