HydroCare Slickwater Fracturing System

Reduce environmental risk and improve production

The Baker Hughes HydroCare™ slickwater fracturing system improves production with reduced environmental risk. This is an environmentally preferred slickwater system. Compatible products work together as a suite to maximize well stimulation impact without sacrificing performance.

The HydroCare system includes a core group of chemicals that reduce hydraulic horsepower, protect your well assets and well from a microbial attack, improve fluids recovery, and stabilize the formation exposed to the treatment solution.

We have four systems from basic with a registered biocide and friction reducer to premium with a registered biocide, clay stabilizer, friction reducer, and surfactant. You can rely on this slickwater fracturing system that can be mixed with a wide water tolerance from fresh to produced water, based upon supporting stimulation services lab testing.

The HydroCare system is applicable in any of your wells with a temperature up to 300 deg. F [149 deg. C]. Some friction-reducing performance can be impaired above 250 deg. F [121 deg. C]. Now, you can maximize your stimulation investment as part of your well completion program.