VaporFrac Fracturing Fluid

Improve production in water-sensitive, low-pressure reservoirs

The Baker Hughes VaporFrac™ fracturing fluid—ideal for water-sensitive and/or low-pressure reservoirs—enhances production. Ultra-lightweight proppants yield greater effective fracture lengths and higher conductivities compared with natural sand. There’s a much lower total proppant volume. Besides increased production, you’ll achieve a decreased decline rate with an increased reserve replacement rate.

We safely and efficiently treat underpressured and water-sensitive formations. We pump ultra-lightweight proppant slurry directly into a high-pressure nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide gas stream. This method safely creates a flow stream that is more than 90% gas, significantly reducing post-frac cleanup. The high energy of the gas phase makes for easy flowback. There’s a quicker tie into pipelines.

With VaporFrac fluid there’s no polymer residue so there’s virtually no formation damage. Liquids disposal is nearly eliminated. There’s also a smaller footprint with less equipment.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Receive real-time 3D fracture geometry, including data on acid fracturing, wellbore heat transfer, proppant transport, and perforation erosion.

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