Global Shale Team

Maximize production from optimized shale completion and stimulation strategy

Shales exist in nearly every oil and gas basin around the world. Reservoir exploitation requires a detailed completion and stimulation investment using the right approach to optimize production. The Baker Hughes team has the right answers.

Our technology team comprises geologists, geomechanics, and reservoir engineers with more than 25 years experience per person. We know how to exploit your unconventional assets.

For unconventional reservoirs, petrophysics is an important part of an integrated well drilling, completion, and stimulation design. In addition, geomechanical properties—such as stresses and elastic moduli effects—influence fracture azimuth, fracture complexity, fracture orientation, vertical fracture height growth, fracture width, fracture treating pressures, fracturing fluid selection, and proppant selection.

Leverage umatched shale expertise and technology

Our global shale teams shorten the learning curve by thoroughly studying these properties and relying on our experience from more than 32,000 shale fracturing treatments to date. We offer scientific-derived advice and specific completion suggestions to quickly generate ROI and sustain production value by identifying ideal well path, completion technique, and environmentally preferred stimulation systems.

The Baker Hughes Shale Asset Workflow Solution (SAWS™) Discovery Tool provides technical decision support by combining Baker Hughes resources with large-scale public and commercial data sources. Baker Hughes datasets include complex technical databases, historical reports, laboratory results and internal research papers. This capability provides a holistic response to complicated technical questions in minutes instead of weeks. The SAWS system allows users to provide customers with accurate data, superior job design, and enhanced service. The groundbreaking technologies include:

  • 3D well treatment and performance visualization tools
  • Rapid integration of new data sources
  • The ability to link directly to state and regulatory agencies for original documents and other unstructured data
  • A single source for aggregate and detailed analysis.

Rely on advanced systems and flawless wellsite execution

Our sales and operations teams communicate and execute the treatment with highly efficient, environmentally compliant reliable equipment, including computerized high-rate blenders and gel hydration units, plus extreme hydraulic horsepower (HHP) pumps that minimize wellsite footprint. We minimize ecological disruption during the completion.

We offer highly efficient, low-damaging fracturing fluids, premium environmentally friendly slickwater systems, and nondamaging viscoelastic fluid systems. With our full suite of proppants, this is the field-proven way to maximize production.

Our teams are supported by well-equipped laboratories at our Technology and Operations Support Center, Tomball, TX; Region Research at our Engineering and Services Center in Calgary; and our Engineering and Services Centers in Singapore and Scotland.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Receive real-time 3D fracture geometry, including data on acid fracturing, wellbore heat transfer, proppant transport, and perforation erosion.

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