Hydraulic Fracturing Surface Systems

Benefit from flawless stimulation performance and lower environmental impact

Baker Hughes is committed to delivering flawless execution of our hydraulic fracturing services on each and every well. In support of this commitment, we ensure each application is supported with and supervised by experienced, well-trained personnel using high-performance equipment and systems. The result: superior well stimulation services you can rely on.

Our specialized stimulation equipment—including proven 2000 HHP high-pressure pumping units and the high horsepower 2700 HHP pumping units—supports flawless wellsite operations reliably, safely, and cost-effectively.

A recent fleet addition is the 2000 HHP Bifuel pump which reduces air emissions, increases efficiency, and decreases diesel fuel consumption without sacrificing hydraulic horsepower. These hydraulic fracturing pumps maximize wellsite efficiency and reduce environmental impact while maintaining the effectiveness of the fracturing job.

Run by highly trained personnel, this equipment includes the Baker Hughes Dry-on-the-Fly™ system to maintain precise control over polymer additions for improved fracturing fluid quality and enhanced stimulation performance.

Wireless Remote Fracturing Operations allows personnel to perform complex fracturing operations from a safe, remote location using wireless remote control features—reducing head count on the pad site and minimizing HSE risk to field personnel.


Dry-on-the-Fly Polymer Hydration System

Baker Hughes Dry-on-the-Fly™ hydration system enhances fracturing-fluid performance with more precise measurement of additives.


2700 HHP High-Pressure Pump Units

Baker Hughes 2700 HHP high-pressure pumps reliably generate up to 2,700 HHP for high-pressure fracturing operations.


High-pressure Pump Units

Baker Hughes high-pressure pump units reliably generate the HHP needed to deliver fluid into a well for both hydraulic fracturing and acid stimulation operations.

ClearStar Fracturing Fluid System

ClearStar frac fluids use a high-molecular-weight polymer to improve reservoir performance, maximize recovery, minimize formation damage, simplify cleanup, and boost conductivity.

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