Dry-on-the-Fly Polymer Hydration System

Enhance fracturing performance while reducing your environmental footprint

The Baker Hughes Dry-on-the-Fly™ (DOTF) hydration system can mix and hydrate different types of dry polymers for continuous-mix hydraulic fracturing operations—enhancing  fracturing-fluid performance with more precise measurement of additives.

The system improves the integrity and quality of the slurry by eliminating third-party blending, and is capable of handling guar and other common dry polymers. The system can be used for either batch or continuous processing.

Improve Environmental Performance

The Baker Hughes DOTF system reduces environmental and HSE exposure by eliminating the need for mineral oil commonly used in preblended liquid gellant.

In addition, as part of its SmartCare™ process Baker Hughes prequalifies numerous chemicals

used in fracturing operations based on several key environmental and performance criteria. By using SmartCare-qualified chemistry in a dry form, there is no compromise to the chemistry’s improved environmental or engineered performance.

LiteProp Ultralightweight Proppants

The improved transport properties in low- or no-polymer frac-fluid systems offer greater effective frac length with maximum producing-zone conductivity.

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