2700 HHP High-Pressure Pump Units

Realize superior stimulation performance with high-horsepower pumping technology

Baker Hughes 2700 HHP high-pressure frac pump units feature heavy-duty triplex pumps for delivering fluid and proppant to the wellbore at high pressures and volumes.

The 3,000-brake-horsepower unit can provide up to 2,700 HHP (hydraulic horsepower) at pressures to 20,000 psi (137.9 MPa), making it one of the most powerful mobile pressure-pumping units available and an ideal solution for frac locations with limited space and/or high-pressure requirements.

Baker Hughes engineers used an evolutionary design process for the frac pumps and incorporated the latest technologies for high-pressure operations. These pumps advanced capabilities enable Baker Hughes to design and pump jobs that were not previously possible. 2700 HHP pumps are also incorporated into the design of Baker Hughes most-advanced offshore stimulation vessels

The 2700 HHP frac pump represents a significant step forward in fracturing performance and reliability.