High-pressure Pump Units

Achieve reliable, efficient well stimulation with proven pumping technology

Baker Hughes 2000 HHP high-pressure pump units are designed to reliably deliver fluid into a well for both hydraulic fracturing and acid stimulation operations.

These robust units can deliver 2,000 HHP (hydraulic horsepower) at pressures up to 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa), at variable rates. 2000 HHP pump units are configured with either triplex or quintaplex pumps. The pumps are typically trailer-mounted for easy transport and setup on locations. Skid-mounted versions are also available for small footprint applications.

To minimize risks on location, each unit carries enough fuel for four hours of pumping at maximum horsepower.

A bifuel version of these pumps is also available for customers seeking to minimize diesel consumption and emissions without sacrificing HHP.