FracPoint MP Sleeve with DirectConnect Ports

Controlled fracture initiation points and multiple sleeves per stage improve efficiency, connectivity

The FracPoint™ MP Sleeve with DirectConnect™ ports extends the advantages of the industry-leading FracPoint multistage fracturing completion system with the introduction of  two technology innovations ― patented, subsiding ball seats and telescoping ports ― that optimize the number and placement of stages to enhance connectivity to the pay zone. Customizing your multistage completions with FracPoint MP Sleeves with DirectConnect ports creates and evenly distributes concentrated fractures to help you maximize production.

The sleeves’ patented, subsiding ball seats enable one size of frac ball to open as many as five sleeves per stage. Each sleeve is surrounded by eight telescoping DirectConnect ports, located at 45º increments around the well’s circumference.

During fracturing, hydraulic pressure opens the sleeves and activates the DirectConnect ports. The ports telescope at high velocity and impact the formation, providing a conduit to convey fracture fluid into the reservoir.

The resulting controlled fracture initiation mimics the plug-and-perf process and reduces the uncertainty of fracture placement at each stage. The approach also reduces the influence of near-wellbore tortuous fractures that may have been created during drilling.


  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Openhole completions
  • Horizontal wells
  • Extended-reach wells
  • Deviated wells

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