REAL Connect Service

Create and connect your well to permanent hydrocarbon flow paths

The Baker Hughes REAL Connect™ service leverages state-of-the-art diverter systems to redirect your frac fluid flow to the perforation clusters and reservoir sections where it is needed for maximum stimulation performance. Then, once the stimulation treatment is complete, it maintains the production flow paths—completely and permanently.

Baker Hughes REAL Connect service leverages our proprietary  REAL Divert™ Complete system to deliver effective, efficient, and productive diversion— without the risk of collapsed or choked hydrocarbon pathways. The system combines the following:

  • REAL Connect technologies with a broad particle size distribution that provides diversion of frac fluids to untreated perf clusters and reservoir zones
  • Specially engineered and strong lightweight proppant particles that ensure high conductivity in the near-wellbore area.

The diversion materials remain fully degradable and soluble in both hydrocarbon- and water-based fluids so they clean up completely after the stimulation treatment.

With the integration of lightweight proppant particles, the system ensures that the temporarily blocked perforation clusters remain open for optimal hydrocarbon flow throughout the life of the well.

BrineCare Fracturing Fluid Systems

BrineCare™ systems are simple, easy-to-deploy fracturing fluids specifically engineered to ensure reliable performance with produced water across a specific range of TDS and water temperatures.

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