Well Stimulation Vessels

Efficient, reliable offshore stimulation with reduced risk, NPT

Baker Hughes currently operates the youngest fleet of offshore stimulation vessels, offering operators the highest offshore pumping pressures in the world. This enables us to provide reliable, safe stimulation services such as acid fracturing, proppant fracturing, sand control, matrix acid treatments, and well control.

Our well stimulation class-certified fleet combines rugged and innovative equipment with built-in redundancy and the latest data collection, analysis, and treatment monitoring technology. A robust design and dynamic positioning system ensure accurate station-keeping even in the roughest weather.

Gulf of Mexico

Offshore operations in the Gulf produce much of the oil and natural gas used in the U.S. The Baker Hughes Blue Tarpon and Blue Dolphin deepwater vessels support production in this region. The Blue Tarpon vessel, which launched in 2011, provides a maximum working pressure of 15,000 psi. The Blue Dolphin vessel, the first 20,000-psi pressure-rated stimulation vessel, was launched in 2010.

Both vessels are capable of supporting high-rate and high-volume multizone fracturing operations without returning to shore to reload.

Asia Pacific

Increasing energy demands in the region are fueling exploration and production activities. This burgeoning market is supported by the Baker Hughes Vestfonn offshore vessel. Equipped with 15,000-psi pumps, it is designed to carry large volumes of acid and proppant.

Latin America

Although offshore exploration and production activity in this region has been focused on Brazil, other Latin American countries are also expanding their offshore activity. Baker Hughes currently operates three stimulation vessels in the region—the Blue Shark, Blue Angel, and Blue Marlin vessels. They feature advanced instrumentation and control systems, providing the highest level of safety and reliability. Designed to carry large volumes of acid, they are ideal for rapidly expanding deepwater pre-salt developments.

North Sea

Although oil production is prolific in this region, harsh weather conditions can pose significant challenges to stimulation operations. In 2013, Baker Hughes will be adding the state-of-the-art Blue Orca vessel to its fleet. Rated to 15,000 psi, the vessel will be capable of handling some of the most demanding stimulation treatments in the world.


Rising demand is fueling planned investments in production off the shore of Africa. While the region is challenged with identifying new fields for development, it’s believed that some offshore basins may contain billions of barrels of recoverable oil, as well as trillions of cubic feet of gas. The Baker Hughes StimFORCE modular stimulation system, a customized arrangement of skid-based pumping equipment, is available for operators in this and other regions.

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Blue Orca Stimulation Vessel

The Blue Orca offers North Sea operators a state-of-the-art stimulation vessel with unsurpassed technology and capabilities to reduce risk and NPT while enhancing productivity.

Hydraulic Fracturing

We look at every fracturing job from several directions, combining proppants, fluids, and pumping technology with a formal workflow and better knowledge management systems.

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