Deepwater Pipeline Solutions

Reduce vessel time and cost using subsea technology

Baker Hughes deepwater pipeline solutions reduce vessel time and cost by performing flooding and hydrotesting operations on the seabed. With all equipment on the seabed, vessel deck space requirements are kept to a minimum.

In deepwater we can offer subsea flooding and testing using our  remote flooding module (RFM) and subsea hydrotest pump (SHP), and our newest technology, the purpose-built DENIZEN™ coiled tubing down line system.

The RFM floods the pipeline using the static head of seawater and pulls water treatment chemicals into the pipeline. This allows in excess of 95% of the pipeline to be filled unattended, leaving the vessel time to carry out other activities. The remainder of the pipeline is filled using an ROV-powered boost pump to complete the operation. The DENIZEN coiled tubing down line system can also be used to flood and hydrotest from the surface to the deepwater pipeline, delivering the required fluids and compressed gases required during pre-commissioning.

Additional time savings are possible using the Baker Hughes SMARTGAUGE™ tool, which communicates a change in pinger frequency if the gauge plate is damaged. If damage is not detected, the hydrotest can proceed immediately without recovering the test head to surface. Since all water in the pipeline is already at subsea temperature, stabilization is minimized, reducing valuable boat time.

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