Pipeline Inspection Services

Maintain pipeline integrity. Confirm compliance.

Baker Hughes pipeline inspection services enables you to manage pipeline integrity threats with our 25 years of experience and superior technology. Whether your pipeline is onshore or offshore or if it transports liquid or gas, our in-line inspection (ILI) tools meet your integrity program objectives.

Our ILI tools identify threats, such as third-party pipeline damage, metal loss from pipeline corrosion and pipeline mechanical damage. We have multiple product lines in our toolbox to maximize pipeline throughput from less downtime.

We have speed control tools for optimum product throughput, inertial measurement unit (IMU) for pipeline anomaly location and bending strain solutions, triaxial technology for metal loss confidence, and excellent short, compliant tools that are adaptable for difficult-to-inspect pipelines. We also have ultrasonic technologies that offer accurate wall measurement and crack detection.

Our tethered tools inspect your pipelines even in difficult-to-access areas, allowing for a complete MFL inspection on unpiggable pipeline segments. We can target inspection of high-consequence areas, giving a more detailed integrity snapshot of critical pipeline segments.

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VECTRA Inspection Services

Get a sharper view, more accurate data, and increase your confidence in your pipeline integrity.


CPIG MFL and Caliper Pipeline Inspection

Stretch your integrity management program budget. The combination of MFL, caliper, and inertial data technology in one tool gathers three data sets in one run.


GEMINI MFL and Caliper Pipeline Inspection

Our high-resolution MFL and caliper inspection service saves you money and gets more data with tri-axial sensors, calipers, an IMU, and gas bypass with active speed control.


GEOPIG Caliper Pipeline Inspection

Mitigate pipeline integrity issues by detecting deformation and movement. We were the first company to combine caliper and inertial technology in an intelligent pig.


PROFILE Caliper Pipeline Inspection

We confirm pipeline ID with accurate, cost-effective characterization of deformation. The PROFILE's reliable caliper technology measures dents, wrinkles, buckles, and ovality..



This tool lets you know whether you have gauge plate damage without recovering the receiving head to the vessel, saving you valuable time and money.

Pipeline Maintenance

Our services enable your pipelines to operate at maximum efficiency by keeping them clean. When you have to go offline, we substantially reduce downtime.

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