CPIG MFL and Caliper Pipeline Inspection

Reduce overall inspection program cost

The Baker Hughes CPIG™ MFL and caliper pipeline inspection service helps you stretch your integrity management program dollars. The combination of MFL, caliper, and inertial data technology in one tool gathers three data sets in one run, reducing your overall inspection cost. 

Our pipeline inspection service reduces the number of required verification digs with accurate data while ensuring you’re digging in the right location. The CPIG tool’s MFL sensors, combined with caliper technology, offer high-resolution metal loss and deformation data. We continually meet or exceed pipeline operator requirements for detection and sizing of metal loss and deformation.

Inspect challenging pipelines

The CPIG tool negotiates extreme ID reductions such as dents, heavy-wall pipe, reduced port valves, and tight bend radius. Our tools have also been engineered to perform dual-diameter inspections.

We have the shortest inspection tools available. Costly and time-consuming launcher and receiver modifications are minimized or avoided altogether, saving you time and money in the field.

For more information about our CPIG high-resolution MFL and caliper in-line inspection service, please call us or send us an e-mail.

Pipeline Cleaning

Reduce operational problems with the most efficient, cost-effective solution for the specific pipeline conditions. This ensures you get the biggest cleaning improvement.

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