Save vessel time by avoiding unnecessary receiving head recovery

The Baker Hughes SMARTGAUGE™ tool lets you know whether you have gauge plate damage without recovering the receiving head to the vessel, saving you valuable time and money.

An acoustic pinger fitted to the SMARTGAUGE tool changes frequency in the event of gauge plate damage, allowing you to decide whether or not to recover the pig receiver to surface prior to the hydrotest. Avoiding this often unnecessary step reduces vessel time.

The spring-loaded, segmented gauge plate tied to a recording package can detect multiple anomalies so you can search for multiple pipeline defects rather than just the worst. You won’t need to run a caliper pig.

A standard gauge plate enables back up and a permanent record of the worst defect to meet contractual obligations.

The tool body is rated to 6,000 psig [400 barg], allowing it to remain in the pipeline during most hydrotests. There are no through-body connections on the pressure vessel for improved reliability. The tool can be equipped with a pull pin for delayed start that enables deployment as part of pipelay to save more vessel and ROV time.

For more information about our SMARTGAUGE™ tool, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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