ULTRASIGHT In-Line Inspection Services

Obtain precise, quantitative data about your pipeline

Ultrasound technology is an incredibly versatile inspection technique that has had wide industry use and acceptance for many years. It can be used in crude oil, refined product, water, condensate product, or gas pipelines – onshore and offshore. While other inspection technologies may be cheaper, they are limited and cannot detect the smallest stress corrosion cracks that are potentially fatal to the integrity of pipelines.

The Baker Hughes ULTRASIGHT™ in-line inspection services offer you the ability to detect and classify anomalies other inspection technologies can’t, giving you the best data possible and allowing for better pipeline integrity decisions. The data produced is quantitative, not inferential, meaning you get the highest level of accuracy and resolution. So when scheduled remedial work is necessary, you can save time, money, and HSE risk by knowing the issues you’ll face and where in the pipeline the issues exist.

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