V-LINE Tethered MFL Pipeline Inspection

Reduce inspection cost in unpiggable pipelines

The Baker Hughes V-LINE™ tethered MFL pipeline inspection service allows you to verify the integrity of your pipeline and meet regulations at reduced cost even if there’s only a single point of access. The bidirectional capability eliminates pig launchers and receivers—and multiple cuts of the pipeline—reducing overall project operations time and money.

The V-LINE inspection service, which can now inspect up to 2.5 miles of pipeline, can validate direct assessments with one excavation in a readily accessible, less costly location.

The high-resolution MFL service offers you a solution for pipelines that are unpiggable with traditional inline techniques. Real-time data allows us to complete an on-site analysis so you immediately know the pipeline’s condition even in high-consequence or hard-to-access areas: tank farms and terminals, station dead legs and laterals, production and plant piping, airport fuel systems, electrical conduits, natural gas storage fields, and river or road crossings.

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Pipeline Cleaning

Reduce operational problems with the most efficient, cost-effective solution for the specific pipeline conditions. This ensures you get the biggest cleaning improvement.

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