Pipeline Precommissioning

Maximize throughput with years of trouble-free operation

Baker Hughes pipeline precommissioning prepares your pipeline correctly before going into service, giving you years of trouble-free operation. Cleaning and drying your new pipeline reduces erosion, improves efficiency, maximizes throughput, and prevents hydrates from forming.

Starting with the filling and gauging, we prevent debris from entering the line using the correct filtration. If you intend to leave water in the pipeline for several months, we have the proprietary chemicals to control corrosion and protect your asset. We can validate the line integrity by hydrotesting to a variety of pipeline codes, allowing you to meet your regulatory obligations.

We can clean the pipeline using mechanical, chemical, or gel technology, depending on the specification, which will further mitigate against long-term corrosion.

For natural gas and petrochemical pipelines, drying is essential to prevent the formation of hydrates and give you the product purity you need. We reduce drying time and get you into production as quickly as possible using air, vacuum, nitrogen, or chemical swabbing. A final purge with nitrogen removes explosion risk. 

For more information about our pipeline precommissioning expertise, please call us or send us an e-mail. 


This tool lets you know whether you have gauge plate damage without recovering the receiving head to the vessel, saving you valuable time and money.

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