Enhanced Oil Recovery

Maximize ROI with temporary EOR services

Baker Hughes enhanced oil recovery services maximize ROI without a commitment to CAPEX. Our temporary equipment packages allow you to determine if the chosen method of reservoir flooding responds as predicted before building a permanent facility.

For water injection, we have high-pressure centrifugal pumps and filtration/chemical injection equipment, including the water treatment chemistry, to offer a turnkey solution.

For nitrogen, CO2, and gas injection, we have the compression equipment and nitrogen membranes, where required, to start your project as soon as you’re ready.

Operator saves $6 million

An operator was thinking about building a permanent water injection facility requiring CAPEX of $6 million. Before proceeding with the construction, the operator asked us to supply a temporary solution with equipment we own. The goal was to determine the impact on production.

The temporary solution determined a permanent water injection facility would not be economically feasible. The operator abandoned the project, saving the CAPEX.

Horizontal Surface Pumping Systems

Choose HPump surface pumping systems; save time, money, and maintenance.

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