Integrated Precommissioning Services

Reduce time, cost, project risk with packaged services

Baker Hughes integrated precommissioning services ensure on-schedule, uninterrupted plant startup on your new construction project. Our packaged services reduce time, cost, and project risk for greater efficiency.

Whether you’re developing a greenfield site, expanding a refinery, building process modules in a construction yard or hooking up an offshore platform, we’ll collaborate with you to save you money. The key to maximizing efficiency and achieving your project objectives is the early integration of our experts into your team.

We navigate the challenging step from construction to production with single-point contract administration, minimized headcount, cross-utilization of specialty equipment, reduced mobilization cost, and optimized job schedules.

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures your systems are clean, dry, inert, and leak-free in accordance with industry design codes and project specifications. And, if temperature is an issue, we can precool or preheat your piping and vessels to the required level.

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Integrated Turnaround Services

Reduce cost, plant downtime, and HSE risk with a one-stop solution that includes engineered industrial nitrogen services and chemical decontamination expertise.

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