Mobile Flaring Services

Reduce emissions with clean-burn technology

Baker Hughes mobile flaring services reduce emissions whether you’re decommissioning a pipeline, degassing a tank, or removing residual product in a plant turnaround. Our clean-burn variable tip flare technology ensures complete combustion of your waste materials.

Our flare units use real-time flue gas analysis and automated flare tip control to optimize the waste gas and air mixture ratios, burner tip gas velocity, and burner residence time. This technology prevents the release of unconverted hydrocarbon materials, undesirable byproducts and solid carbon deposits, allowing emissions concentrations to be reduced significantly below local legislative limits.

Because production time is valuable, our trailer-mounted, self-erecting incinerators can be deployed quickly to your site with minimal rig-up time. And with your neighbors in mind, shrouding ensures low heat radiation, noise levels lower than 85 decibels, and no visible flame.

We have successfully incinerated natural gas, sour gas, ethylene, NGLs, LPG, butadiene, styrene, naphtha, and benzene. Often the flaring operations are carried out with our nitrogen purging service to maximize waste material displacement and leave your systems inert and safe at the end of the job.

For more information on how we can eliminate cold venting, reduce the carbon footprint, and protect the environment, please call us or send us an e-mail.

Pipeline Maintenance

Our services enable your pipelines to operate at maximum efficiency by keeping them clean. When you have to go offline, we substantially reduce downtime.

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