Refinery Coke Cutting

Ensure continuous refinery coke cutting

Baker Hughes refinery coke cutting service is there when you need it. Ensure continuous coke cutting with our unlimited global pumping equipment fleet.

Our positive displacement or multistage centrifugal mobile pumps produce water flows and pressures that your coke cutting pumps normally supply. We have the coker unit pumping capacity for any flow or pressure requirement.

We regularly supply coke cutting services to one major operator in the oil sands-producing region of Alberta, Canada, to meet scheduled maintenance activities and emergency callouts.

We can supply two quintuplex pumpers and an iron truck on short notice for these temporary pumping services. This can be for a week or three months, depending on your needs.

A flow rate of 660 gpm [3 m3/min] is typically required at pressures of 2,950 psig [203 barg] to ensure uninterrupted operations.

For more information our coke cutting service, please call us or send us an e-mail.

Hydrocarbon Storage Tank Cleaning

We liquefy the valuable hydrocarbon solids into a usable product that can be recycled into your plant, minimizing waste and decreasing cleaning cost.

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