Temporary Fuel Gas and LNG Supply

Maintain gas flow during outages with vaporized LNG

The Baker Hughes temporary fuel gas and LNG supply service keeps gas flowing to your customers during outages, ensuring you meet your contractual obligations. Whether you have a supply shortage in a remote location, planned maintenance work, or an unexpected pipeline shutdown, you can rely on us.

Our mobile specialty equipment can be quickly deployed to your project site and rigged up in minimal time. Vaporized LNG is delivered at precisely controlled pressure, temperature, and flow rate for an uninterrupted supply. And we can blend other materials to ensure calorific value and molecular weights match your specifications.

We can also fuel your turbines, gas compressors, and power generation systems in the construction yard, allowing you to troubleshoot and commission the units before shipping offshore. We supply the fuel gas so you can confirm starter motors and ignition systems are working, check the control logic, test control valves and emergency shutdown systems, calibrate instruments, and generate baseline performance data through extended load runs. Eliminate potential lost production time and avoid the much higher cost of fixing problems on location.

And to keep things safe, our helium leak detection and nitrogen services ensure your systems are leak free and inert before introducing fuel gas.

For more information about our customized temporary fuel gas and LNG services for your next project, please call us or send us an e-mail.

Integrated Precommissioning Services

We ensure on-schedule, uninterrupted plant startup on your new construction project. Our packaged services reduce time, cost, and project risk for greater efficiency.

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