Testing, Cleaning, and Drying Services

Increase plant reliability with a trouble-free, clean startup

Baker Hughes testing, cleaning, and drying services improve plant reliability by ensuring effective, trouble-free, clean startup for refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas platforms, FPSOs, gas plants, LNG facilities, and power stations. Quickly, efficiently, and economically.

As part of your plant precommissioning or turnaround, our testing, cleaning, and drying expertise means a faster startup with greater operating efficiency. With greater system integrity, you can meet your HSE objectives while meeting or exceeding environmental regulations.

Testing—Our testing process finds leaks, missing or improperly installed parts, or other system defects that could interfere with a timely startup.

Cleaning—Our cleaning technology with the proper application prevents delays caused by premature plugging of  strainers and filters and damage to hydraulics, bearings, and instruments. This technology also prevents system upsets on startup caused by foaming and other issues. We work with you to meet your product quality standards.

Drying—Our drying services for petrochemical, gas, and LNG plants remove residual moisture that can cause detrimental hydrates and corrosion.

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Hydrocarbon Storage Tank Cleaning

We liquefy the valuable hydrocarbon solids into a usable product that can be recycled into your plant, minimizing waste and decreasing cleaning cost.


Our Downstream Chemicals group’s chemical programs and services manage processing, water treatment, and finished product-quality challenges in petroleum refining.

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