Hydrocarbon Storage Tank Cleaning

Recover hydrocarbons at reduced cost with less risk

The Baker Hughes hydrocarbon storage tank cleaning service relies on chemistry rather than people and mechanical to remove solids from the tank bottom. We liquefy the valuable hydrocarbon solids into a usable product that can be recycled into your plant, minimizing waste and decreasing cleaning cost.

We don’t need to send anyone into the tank while there are hydrocarbons in the tank.

Our experienced chemists profile the debris in your storage tank so we can determine which specialty chemicals to apply for the safest and most effective cleaning project. With the right chemicals, we properly mix the tank contents to enable organic and inorganic sludge separation. The recovered hydrocarbon waste stream can be returned to production as usable raw material.

For more information about our tank cleaning services, please call us or send us an e-mail.

Integrated Turnaround Services

Reduce cost, plant downtime, and HSE risk with a one-stop solution that includes engineered industrial nitrogen services and chemical decontamination expertise.

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