Artificial Lift

Maximize production performance with integrated artificial lift solutions

You can count on our integrated artificial lift solutions to maximize your production thanks to the combination of our unmatched design, service, and support.

We’re the only company that designs and manufactures each major component in our artificial lift systems. Every part is specifically designed to work together with integrated production solutions in mind. This integrated approach improves reliability and extends system run life under a wide range of demanding oilfield conditions and industrial applications.

That's why we're the leader in solving production problems in challenging environments, from deepwater subsea boosting systems to extreme temperature steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil sands projects to high-pressure/high-horsepower, high flow rate wells.

Optimization services increase ROI

In addition to our application engineering and installation services, we also offer artificial lift monitoring and automation. Our monitoring and automation services will increase your production and extend your system's reliability. This will increase the return on your asset investments.

Fluid transfer solutions beyond the oil well

This versatile artificial lift product portfolio solves fluid transfer problems beyond the oil and gas industry. If you deal with mine dewatering, municipal water, geothermal energy, or pipelines, we can save you time and money with our tough, field-proven technology.

We offer a full line of artificial lift products and services, including:

  • Electrical submersible pumping systems (ESPs)
  • Progressing cavity pumping systems (PCPs)
  • Horizontal surface pumping systems
  • Gas lift systems
  • Power supply and control systems
  • Monitoring and automation services.

Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems

Our electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems solutions will optimize your production and the associated investments required to deliver increased value from your reservoir.


Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems

Our progressing cavity pumping systems (PCPs) will lower your operating expenses and maintenance costs when lifting heavy oil or solids-laden fluids. The PCP's extended ...


Horizontal Surface Pumping Systems

Our reliable, proven HPump™ horizontal surface pumping system offers longer run life and lower maintenance costs compared with other surface pumping systems.


Gas Lift Systems

We have the reliable, low-cost solution to extending well life and improving the economics of well development. You can depend on our global infrastructure for faster service.


Surface Electrical Control Systems

Maximize production with our advanced control systems that optimize ESP operation and run life.


ProductionWave Production Solution

Our ProductionWave™ production solution delivers the same reliable performance as rod lift systems – but with better economics and a smaller environmental footprint.


Artificial Lift Research and Technology Center

Baker Hughes is pushing the boundaries of artificial lift technology to meet the challenges in complex production applications.


Subsea Production Alliance

The Subsea Production Alliance is an alliance between Aker Solutions and Baker Hughes designed to boost output, increase ultimate recovery, and reduce costs in subsea wells.


AMBIT ESP Monitoring Services

AMBIT™ ESP monitoring services offer real-time asset monitoring to effectively and efficiently optimize production.

Gas Lift Systems

We have the reliable, low-cost solution to extending well life and improving the economics of well development. You can depend on our global infrastructure for faster service.

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