CentriLink ESP Motor Lead Extension

Robust ESP Motor Lead Extension Enhances System Dependability

CentriLink™ ESP motor lead extensions (also called ESP potheads) offer higher temperature, voltage, and amperage ratings to deliver reliable power from the cable to the ESP motor. Improved motor connection properties enhance sealing to prevent fluid and debris from entering the motor across a wide range of wellbore conditions. Available in both a low-profile and a high-load design, CentriLink ESP motor lead extensions provide a reliable connector that keeps well fluids out of the ESP motor and extends ESP system run life.

The CentriLink 12 motor lead extension connects the ESP cable to the motor using a low-profile design that reduces the chance of damage during installation. The low profile design adapts to the full diameter motor shaft, and the tracking distances in the pothead and motor insulating block are increased for greater dielectric strength.

The CentriLink 20 motor lead extension features larger conductors for higher current capacity. This makes it the ideal choice for high-horsepower ESP systems. And with thousands of installations, the CentriLink 20 motor lead extension has proven its reliability in harsh conditions around the world.

CentriLink ESP Motor Lead Extensions Resist Rapid Gas Decompression

To further improve reliability, CentriLink motor lead extensions are constructed with additional phase-to-phase insulation to withstand elevated temperatures and to resist rapid gas decompression. Although the pothead is a small part of the complete ESP system, it is essential to get a reliable electrical motor connection to maximize overall system run life, and minimize workovers and lost production.

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