CENetic 7.25-in. Downhole Geothermal Pump

Smaller downhole geothermal pumps reduce drilling costs and double production in existing geothermal wells

The CENetic Downhole Geothermal Pump Improves Geothermal Project Economics

CENetic™ 7.25-in. geothermal pumps provide a dramatic improvement to the cost structure of geothermal energy plants, heating networks, and greenhouse operations by reducing the required well diameter. Drilling a smaller diameter geothermal well can save 40% on drilling and completion expenditures. These pumps deliver the required stable flow rates in smaller diameter casing, improving both reliability and efficiency in geothermal projects.

Smaller Pumps Can Double Production in Existing Geothermal Wells

These 7.25-in. pumps also provide geothermal plant operators the flexibility to deploy an ESP in the 9⅝-in liner section of existing 13⅜-in wells. Deploying the ESP deeper into the liner section can double hot water production, and extend the life of the well as reservoir pressure declines.

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