FLEXPump Series Electrical Submersible Pumps

Improve ESP operational flexibility in dynamic well conditions

The efficient, reliable Centrilift FLEXPump™ series electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) have the industry’s widest operating range, providing operators with the operational flexibility required in dynamic well conditions to minimize ESP system changeouts and nonproductive time while at the same time reducing operating expenses. The high-performance FLEXPump series pumps are specifically designed to maximize production and ultimate reserve recovery from conventional oilfields, low-flow rate mature oilfields, and unconventional resource plays in which the production index declines rapidly.

Expand the operational flexibility of your ESP system

The FLEXPump series pump designs reduce the total hydraulic thrust in both upthrust and downthrust conditions allowing the pumps to operate efficiently and reliably in a wider operating range. The extended operating ranges of these pumps mean the ESP system is adaptable to changing well conditions as production rates change. These pumps provide operational flexibility and deliver extensive flow ranges from a minimal number of pump models in the FLEXPump series. Flow rates range from 50 to 10,500 B/D.

The FLEXPump line of pumps expands the application range of ESP systems and Baker Hughes application engineers choose the right pump for each well’s specific requirements, focusing on what’s most critical to maximize the return on investment from every well.

Enhance the efficiency of your ESP system

Baker Hughes engineers designed the FLEXPump series pumps to deliver superior efficiency across the wider operating range, lowering OPEX—including power consumption—over the life of the well. These pumps deliver increased lift per stage, allowing for more drawdown with a shorter system that provides higher efficiency and improved uptime by reducing cyclic shut downs. This higher lift per stage also lowers motor temperatures for increased run life and superior overall system efficiency. This higher efficiency across the operating range gives you an OPEX advantage over the life of the reservoir.

Improve the reliability of your ESP system

From existing assets and new production zones like shale resource plays, tight reservoirs, and deeper zones, where flow conditions can change dramatically over short periods of time, the FLEXPump series of pumps improves reliability by providing a pump that can deliver stable operation in varying conditions. The FLEXPump series pumps can handle thrust conditions more effectively than legacy pump models, which increases run life and reduces workovers. Lower hydraulic thrust extends operation in lower-flow conditions and heavier construction of pump components increases uptime and reliability.


Centrilift FLEXPumpER Extended Range Pump

Centrilift FLEXPumpER™ extended range pump for unconventional oil wells offers a flow range from 2,900 to 50 barrels per day—the industry’s widest operating range for a single pump.

Surface Control Systems

Surface control systems are an essential component for intelligent well systems. Our efficient controllers are available in both manual and automatic versions.

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