MVPER multiphase gas-handling system

Handle gas to increase production in high-GOR wells, even at low flow rates

The MVPER™ extended-range multiphase gas-handling pump enables continuous operation of electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems in wells with a high gas-to-oil ratio (GOR).

Paired with CENtrilift™ production pumps, MVPER multiphase gas-handling systems reduce ESP shutdowns caused by underload when gas accumulates in the pump.  The MVPER pump delivers long-term reliability in production rates ranging from just 50 B/D up to as much as 2,500 B/D. The result is increased hydrocarbon production with reduced power usage, helping improve the economics in high-GOR wells.

The MVPER gas-handling pump is capable of performing in high-heat, low-production environments for extended periods in fluid conditions exceeding 70% free gas. It can be used alone or as a charge pump in a standard ESP system in conventional wells. And, because the MVPER gas-handling pump functions across a range of production rates, it is ideal for use in unconventional wells, where production declines can be steep.

Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems

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