Vanguard Long-life Pumps

Improve return on investment with highly reliable electrical submersible pumps

The high cost of installing and retrieving electric submersible pumps in deepwater, subsea, and remote wells requires highly reliable systems that reduce the frequency of interventions to lower lifting costs and improve recovery rates.

Vanguard long-life pumps incorporate high-strength materials, robust construction design, and improved manufacturability to deliver highly reliable electrical submersible pump (ESP) operations, and to reduce the frequency of costly workovers. Remote, deepwater, and subsea ESP systems have to deliver reliable pumping over an extended period of time to justify workover costs. And Vanguard pumps fit the bill.

High-strength materials increase tensile strength by more than 50% compared to standard pump materials. The enhanced materials also improve corrosion resistance and reduce thermal growth. Design enhancements in the Vanguard series of pumps improve overall reliability. The pumps use a special keyway that reduces stress on the shaft, and enhanced sealing systems increase the overall pressure rating. Abrasion-resistant construction, featuring a 1:1 bearing ratio, provides even greater reliability.

Vanguard ESP pump designs were tested extensively at the Artificial Lift Research and Technology Center to validate reliability improvements. Designed to outlive competing ESP systems, the Vanguard series of pumps can help lower lifting costs while improving overall recovery in wells with high intervention costs.

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