SurSeal Wireline-Retrievable Orifice Valve

Protect the annulus during high-rate gas lift operations

The Centrilift SurSeal™ wireline-retrievable orifice valve protects the annulus during high-rate gas lift operations. The valve controls communication between the injected gas in the annulus and the fluid being produced in the tubing. 

The valve’s streamlined flow path with the isolation of the flapper from the flow path when open allows for superior flow rates and erosion resistance when compared with other orifice valves.

Since there are no flow-path restrictions, a well can be unloaded and artificially lifted at extremely high rates without the risk of damage to any internal parts.

The SurSeal orifice valve has an industry-exclusive flapper, similar to those in subsurface safety valves, that prevents reverse-flow communication when in the closed position.

The entire SurSeal orifice valve is manufactured to API 11V1 and ISO 17078-2 standards.

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