Low-horsepower surface pumping systems

Don’t pay for horsepower you don’t need in surface pumping systems

The HPump™ horizontal surface pumping system (SPS) is designed specifically for low-horsepower applications. It helps you reduce CAPEX with a rugged, modular design that features several standard options. Order today and get your new SPS within a couple weeks.

HPump surface pumping systems are useful across multiple applications, including produced water disposal, injection for enhanced oil recovery, jet pump power fluid boosting, intrafield and pipeline fluid transfer, and natural gas treatment. The low-horsepower system is specifically designed for operations requiring less than 400 HP at flow rates up to 50,000 BFPD with pressures as high as 6,250 psi.

Unlike surface pumping systems that rely on a positive displacement pump, HPump SPS pumps minimize vibration and fluid pulsation with continuous, smooth operational characteristics of a centrifugal pump. This rugged technology is built on a pump design proven through years of development and use in our CENtrilift™ electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems.

Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems

Our electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems solutions will optimize your production and the associated investments required to deliver increased value from your reservoir.

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