Gas Mitigation Solution for Unconventional Oil Wells

Improve ESP performance and reliability

Delivering effective gas handling for unconventional oil production

Unconventional oil plays often contain gas. This reduces pumping efficiency of electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems and impacts the bottom line for operators. The ProductionWave FLEXible production solution offers the industry’s latest gas mitigation technology.

Gas accumulation prevents fluid progression, which creates gas locking and causes the system to shut down.

Baker Hughes minimizes the impact of gas on ESP systems while meeting the specific requirements of unconventional oil wells. Operators often see lower efficiency and down time due to gas blocking, gas locking, gas surges, or gas slugs. Wider stage vane openings in the FLEXPump series pump design reduces pump plugging and gives ESP systems enhanced solids and gas handling capabilities.

Baker Hughes gas mitigation solutions can effectively produce your well in applications where free gas at the intake is as high as 99%. But, with the addition of MaxRate software, ESP system gas handling is 100% effective, eliminating system shut downs.

MaxRate  software—installed on an Electrospeed Advantage variable speed drive (VSD)—senses a drop in torque, which indicates a gas slug in the system, and then automatically resets the VSD to slow the ESP system down. At the slower speed, back flow through the pump ‘flushes’ gas accumulations from behind the impeller vanes. Once the gas lock is cleared, the VSD will restart pumping.

Baker Hughes has introduced the Gas Avoider pump intake to overcome challenges associated with free gas in unconventional oil wells. The Gas Avoider intake keeps gas from entering the pump, regardless of the ESP system’s orientation in the well.

As part of the ProductionWave solution, the Centrilift MVP multiphase pump works in conjunction with the FLEXPump series pump. The MVP pump reduces underload shutdowns due to gas interference and features a patented split-vane impeller design. This enables continuous operations in fluid conditions with up to 70% free gas.

Maximize production with the ProductionWave solution

Gas-handling solutions are essential for venting free gas in an ESP system. Baker Hughes can improve efficiencies with gas mitigation technology as part of the ProductionWave solution. By avoiding, separating, and handling free gas, the ProductionWave solution can reduce the impact of gas-laden fluid in unconventional oil wells. Let us maximize your production, regardless of the challenges. 


MaxRate Software for Electrospeed Advantage VSD

MaxRate™ software works with the Electrospeed Advantage™ variable speed drive to deliver specific solutions for recurring ESP problems, including gas slugs and gas locking.

FLEXPump Series Electrical Submersible Pumps

Centrilift FLEXPump series pumps are designed to maximize production and ultimate reserve recovery from conventional oilfields, mature oilfields, and unconventional resource plays.

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