Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems

Lower OPEX and eliminate deferred production in viscous fluids

Reduce your operating expenses and increase your oil well pump uptime with our two lines of efficient PCPs engineered for long run life. We pioneered petroleum PCP technology in the 1980s. Today, we're still the only PCP maker totally dedicated to the oil and gas industry. We understand how pulling a broken crude oil pump costs you in unplanned rig expenses and lost production.

Improved run life

We offer two PCPs: Centrilift electrical submersible progressing cavity pumping (ESPCP) systems and Centrilift rod driven progressing cavity pumping (RDPCP) systems. We're the industry's only manufacturer of a complete electrical submersible PCP system. With no exposed sucker rods to wear out, our systems run longer than competing pump types. They also out produce other pumps in deviated and horizontal wellbores where mechanical wear between sucker rods and tubing is a problem.

The combination of progressing cavity pump design and our high-grade construction materials make our systems suitable for a wide range of applications, including low-volume wells, gaseous conditions, and harsh downhole conditions. Our PCPs will also reduce problems associated with emulsion in your produced fluids.

Tackle severe environments

Our Centrilift LIFTEQ™ surface driveheads are the industry’s most robust line for powering rod-driven PCP systems. These economical units have many of the vital components internalized. This protects them from damage during installation and from premature aging in severe environments, including cold weather and desert conditions.

Maintenance made easier

We give you more cost-saving options for installing or maintaining your ESPCP or RDPCP. Both systems can be installed using through-tubing conveyed (TTC) deployment. By eliminating rig costs, TTC will save you money when maintenance is required.

Master coalbed methane dewatering

If you're struggling to dewater a coalbed methane well, our PCPs conquer your production problems. PCPs are used extensively in CBM dewatering: They handle abrasives, such as coal fines, while maintaining production efficiency with low pump intake pressure.


CENtrilift Insertable Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems

The CENtrilift insertable progressing cavity pumping system uses the rod string to replace the PCP pump, reducing workover costs and deferred production.


CENtrilift E Series Progressing Cavity Pump

The CENtrilift E Series PCP pump reduces the impact of entrained solids on the rotor and stator to extend pump life.

Heavy Oil

Maximize heavy oil asset value through the project life cycle with a fully integrated selection of tools and services.

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