CENtrilift E Series Progressing Cavity Pump

Extend PCP pump life by reducing the impact of solids and heavy oil on the rotor and stator

The CENtrilift™ E Series progressing cavity pump delivers maximum production from wells with high solids, heavy oil, and heavy fluid volumes, while reducing the wear and tear on system surfaces to extend pump life.

The compressed pitch length of the E Series PCP pump reduces the velocity of the fluid progressing through the pump, which in turn reduces the impact of entrained solids on the rotor and stator. In heavy oil and high viscosity reservoirs, the large inlet area and short pitch length ensure easy cavity fill for maximum production and pump efficiency.

The optimized E-Series PCP pump design reduces contact stress between the rotor and stator, resulting in decreased operating torque and higher overall efficiency. This is particularly advantageous in unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs, and in coal seam gas dewatering where high levels of coal fines are suspended in the water.  

The E Series PCP pump is also available with double chroming to further improve abrasion resistance and extend pump life.

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