CENtrilift Insertable Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems

Replace the pumping unit without having to pull the production tubing

The CENtrilift™ insertable progressing cavity pumping system cuts the cost and time required to pull the production tubing when changing out the PCP pumping unit. This drives down lifting costs in fields where pump changes are common (typically caused by fluctuating production rates or abrasives in the fluid). And in areas where rig availability is an issue, rod-driven PCP insertable pump replacement helps get the well back on line sooner, reducing deferred production.

Unlike other rod-driven PCP pump systems, the CENtrilift insertable progressing cavity pumping system enables the stator and rotor to be deployed on the rod string in 3½-in. or larger tubing. The plug-and-play stator latching mechanism improves system reliability and reduces installation time by latching and sealing the stator to the tubing with no rotational action.

After initial installation, the pump can be changed at any time by pulling the rod string from the well—without having to wait on a workover rig. And a unique flush-by housing above the stator provides enough space to clean out any solids that have settled in the pump during shutdown.

Artificial Lift

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