Surface Electrical Control Systems

Optimize production, maximize ESP system reliability

Maximize production with our advanced control systems that optimize ESP operation and run life. With Centrilift variable speed drive (VSD) technology, you can adjust production performance as fluid inflow characteristics change.

VSDs extend run life

The variable speed drive can display well parameters and ESP operation parameters. You can use this information to adjust your ESP's performance if necessary to improve production or to avoid potentially damaging operational conditions. These parameters can also be used to shut down the system in exceptional cases to prevent damage.

User-friendly operation

Our control systems include a graphical interface for easier operations. An intuitive keypad and display lets you set up logging and data communication. The VSD can transmit electrical and process information from the power supply system and any surface and downhole sensing devices to a laptop or satellite system.

These flexible control options give you the choice of controlling your ESP locally or remotely. With greater control, you can program your ESP to deliver optimum production or energy cost savings under changing reservoir conditions.


Electrospeed Advantage Variable Speed Drive

The Electrospeed Advantage™ VSD with intelligent production software offers unmatched solutions to enhance ESP reliability while automatically monitoring system performance.


microDRIVE Variable Speed Drive

The microDRIVE™ variable speed drive is the first drive that maximizes uptime and production levels for low-horsepower and low-flow wells with fixed-speed-drive economics.

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