Fluid Additives

Maximize drilling performance safely while optimizing production stimulation

Our Aquaness Chemical fluid additives solve numerous problems in a wide range of applications in the hydrocarbon production and processing industries. Whether you're drilling or conducting acidizing or fracturing operations, count on us to improve your operation's efficiency and save you money.

Limit corrosion, control H2S, optimize bit performance

If you're drilling for oil and gas, let us enhance your drilling fluids' capabilities with corrosion inhibitors, biocides, and H2S scavengers. Other additives will boost your mud's capacity to keep your drill bits cool and clean for the best possible ROP. And, we provide additives that work in both oil-based and water-based drilling fluids. We also offer additives that stabilize completion fluids.

Improve stimulation with well-service additives

Our Aquaness Chemical line also includes a full selection of specialty chemicals designed to enhance oil and gas well acidizing, fracturing, and cementing. The products include CRONOX™ acid corrosion inhibitors, X-CIDE™ biocides, AQUET™ friction reducers and HYPER FLO™ cement antistatic additives.

Reduce HSE risk

Our Aquaness Chemical line is backed by an in-house toxicological laboratory, ensuring the best information with respect to environmental impact. For 50 years, the Aquaness Chemical name has stood for highly experienced and responsive people backed by quality products and reliable manufacturing capability.


From shale-gas formations and other unconventional hydrocarbons to remote deepwater frontiers, geothermal energy, and carbon capture/storage, we’re delivering better solutions.

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