Start production faster with easy-to-install intelligent well accessories

Our complete line of intelligent well accessories are easier to install and are designed to prevent damage during run-in. These rugged accessories tie your tools into a tightly integrated system that gets your well into production faster with reliable control performance.

Eliminate second hydraulic lines with a single line switch

Our InForce™ single line switch saves installation costs by letting you actuate a two-line balanced piston flow control device with a single 1/4 inch control line to the surface. This switch gives you the flexibility to install it close coupled to a flow control device or at any point in the well.

Its simple one-piece mandrel construction provides for full tubing flow area. A cover system protects all connections from any damage running in the hole and provides bypass for four flatpack cables. It's easy to run pressure integrity tests at installation because the line switch incorporates our testable jam nut connection.

Achieve faster make up with easy-to-use control line splice subs

Use our control line splice subs to terminate or crossover hydraulic control lines for flow control devices. These splice subs are especially effective when you need to terminate or crossover control lines across our retrievable feed through packers.

Splices can be rotated in the milled sleeve and locked in place at 45 degree increments prior to assembly. This lets you align the connections with the control line ports on the packer for easier, quicker system make up. You can also adjust the sleeve up to 1.5 in (38 mm) on the sub body. This gives you extra adjustment capability if the control lines are cut short from below.

Splice connections are recessed into the sleeve OD to protect them from damage during run in. The connections are all testable, so you can test all seals prior to use.

Extend control device run life with filters

Our InForce™ hydraulic control line filter splice will screen impurities and debris from the hydraulic fluid used to operate intelligent downhole flow control components. A large filtration area minimizes any pressure drop in your hydraulic system.

The filter element is e-beam welded into the tube assembly to insure pressure integrity without the need for seals. If the filter becomes plugged, a rupture disk ensures uninterrupted hydraulic flow. Our testable jam nut fittings let you confirm seal integrity from the annulus side.