Cased-Hole Feed-Through Packers

Ensure intelligent well system performance with the right feed-through packer

We offer you an unsurpassed choice of cased-hole feed-through packers to choose from so you can match the right tool to your specific completion requirements. Picking the right packer for the job means you'll maximize your intelligent well investment.

An essential part of intelligent well systems, our feed-through packers offer a way to pass downhole tool control lines through the packers while controlling fluid flow and maintaining production zone isolation.

Permanent packer performance, retrievable packer convenience

Our Premier™ removable packer with control line feed-through is ideally suited for intelligent well completions using multizone stacked packers.

This is a hydraulic-set, large-bore removable production or isolation packer with multiple control line feed-throughs. This tool combines the performance of a permanent packer with the conveniences of a retrievable packer.

The packer is threaded directly to the production string and set in one trip by pressuring up against a plugging device below the packer. Removal on the production string is accomplished with a through-tubing shift tool or through-tubing cutter.

Metal-to-metal sealing ensures long seal life for control line penetrations. This tool is tested to ISO 14310 VO gas tight for production and to ISO 14310 V3 for low-temperature injection applications.

Make stacked packer completions easier

Our Pace™ removable packer with control line feed-through is specifically designed for zonal isolation in intelligent well systems applications. The packer is hydraulically set with no mandrel movement, that is suitable for stacked packer applications.

The setting process is timed to allow the slips to engage the casing first, which enhances packer centralization before the element system is packed off.

The primary packer removal option is shift to release with an option to cut to release. The Pace packer includes multiple feed-through ports equipped with testable jam nut connectors. The tool is ISO 14310 V3 qualified.