Hydraulic Flow Control Devices

Accelerate initial production, control OPEX with intelligent hydraulic control devices

Designing a completion with intelligent valves and sensors will help you better understand your reservoir, which pays off with accelerated and maximized initial production. During the life of your well, expenses are kept to a minimum because of lower operating and invention costs.

Flow control without intervention

Whether you're producing from or injecting to multiple zones, our hydraulic control tools will enable you to control flow without intervention. And because our systems are so efficient, a field requires fewer wells for major savings in drilling and completion costs. We offer several types of intelligent hydraulic flow control tools.

The HCM hydraulic sliding sleeve is used in conjunction with permanent gauges for accurate interpretation of reservoir performance. It provides a monitoring and control system to shorten "detect and respond cycle-times" in changing downhole conditions. This results in optimized production and recoverable reserves.

The HCM sleeve is our original hydraulic surface controlled sliding sleeve for selective zonal control without the need for intrusive intervention.

Our HCM-A™ adjustable choke is an adjustable version of the HCM sleeve.

The InForce™ HCM-A GL valve is a multi-position, surface-actuated downhole valve that artificially lifts or unloads the well without the need for surface infrastructure.

Our InForce™ HCM-S valve is a multi-position, surface-actuated downhole valve. It's primarily designed for commingled flow applications. This provides the ability to control production or injection rates into select intervals without the need for intervention.

The HCM-Plus valve has the widest range of applications, including deepwater unconsolidated formations with multiple zones. This highly reliable valve is suited for both offshore and land, cased and perforated wells, ESP applications, and multilateral wells.