Production Decision Services

Make better production decisions with optimized data

Acquiring real-time data through sophisticated well monitoring instrumentation is only part of achieving success in production. It is the effective assembly, presentation, and analysis of that data that unlocks the intelligence to improve decision-making and business performance. Baker Hughes now complements industry-leading instrumentation with cutting edge visualization and analysis software and unparalleled advisory services to support production optimization, reservoir management, asset integrity, and development planning programs.

Data Communication, Visualization, and Analysis

Baker Hughes offers a suite of data communication, visualization, and analysis tools that can work alongside your existing SCADA network, yet provide the up-to-date functionality you need to make the best decisions, namely the SureFIELD™ data management portfolio:

  • SureFIELD Global well site communications device
  • SureFIELD DataHub well site data management
  • SPVision™ ESP surveillance software
  • DTSPro DTS visualization software

Advisory Services

Baker Hughes offers advisory services ranging from niche applications to full reservoir development services. Focused initiatives include:

  • XPVision artificial lift optimization service
  • DTS interpretation service

DTSPro Software

DTSPro software simplifies monitoring and analysis of DTS data for interpretation and evaluation of well and reservoir performance to maximize production.


AMBIT Production Monitoring Services

AMBIT™ asset decision solutions combine intelligent devices, systems, and decisioning to optimize asset performance and value while enhancing ultimate hydrocarbon recovery.

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