DTSPro Software

Simplify visualization and analysis of distributed temperature sensing data

DTSPro software helps you monitor and evaluate well and reservoir performance from distributed temperature sensing (DTS) data. Hard-to-manage DTS data can pile up over time, and for timely interpretation of well performance, DTS data traces need to be monitored and analyzed regularly in both the time and depth domains. DTSPro software simplifies visualizing and interpreting this data. With DTSPro software, DTS data is only part of the story: data needs to be contextualized along with other important well information.

The software allows you to import data using most standard IT formats, making it a vendor-neutral solution. It is integrated with the Baker Hughes SureField™ DataHub system, which provides one integrated store for all sensor data.

Data is displayed in a single view: completion diagram, well log, pressure/temperature (PT) data, temperature map, or multiple DTS data traces. You can visualize temperature data from pressure/temperature downhole sensors along with DTS plots, and play back temperature trends along the wellbore, which lets you evaluate temperature trends over time and depth domain or in both domains. With DTSPro software, you can display logging data alongside the DTS traces.

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