AMBIT Production Monitoring Services

Make sound decisions to optimize production and improve recovery

Baker Hughes has engineered a comprehensive hydrocarbon production environment that improves efficiency and enhances your asset value. AMBIT™ asset decision solutions are secure, automated, streamlined, and predictive, putting the data you need to optimize your assets at your fingertips.

Blending leading software, communications, and downhole technology with domain-specific expertise improves the efficiency of your field operations and delivers proven rewards. Real-time production intelligence can be collected and processed around the clock, analyzed, and shared across experts and assets to improve production efficiency.

Stop working for your data and let your data work for you.

AMBIT Asset Decision Solutions

AMBIT Solutions
for iOS

Interactive Digital Experience and Brochure for AMBIT™ Asset Decision Solutions.


AMBIT ESP Monitoring Services

AMBIT™ ESP monitoring services offer real-time asset monitoring to effectively and efficiently optimize production.


AMBIT Fiber-Optic Data Management Services

AMBIT™ fiber-optic services ensure users have secure access to asset data on demand in an intuitive interface capable of displaying temperature in terms of both time and depth.

AMBIT PLUS 24/7 Production Surveillance Services

AMBIT™ PLUS 24/7 production surveillance services provide expert monitoring, analysis, and decision making during the most critical startup phase of production.

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