AMBIT PLUS 24/7 Production Surveillance Services

Resolve challenges, stabilize production, and enhance asset value

AMBIT™ PLUS 24/7 production surveillance services combine the industry’s best production monitoring software with real-time decisioning support from Baker Hughes optimization experts. No matter the time or day, when you invest in 24/7 surveillance for your unconventional well, a Baker Hughes expert is monitoring the downhole conditions and production system operations in real time, standing by and ready to help you:

  • Stabilize production
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Extend ESP run life
  • Reduce health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks
  • Resolve problems before they become critical

Based on your preferences, asset goals, and specific production system, Baker Hughes adjusts your ESP system and other equipment as needed to optimize production, minimize the impact of threatening downhole conditions, and limit HSE risks.

From first oil, the Baker Hughes team continuously logs, processes, and assimilates data and metrics in your unconventional well to establish a unique production profile. Within hours, experts can spot anomalies. Within days, data is being updated and evaluated, and then reintegrated into the system to build ongoing production intelligence.

After the well stabilizes, you are left with a rich baseline data set and continuous data feeds that you can use to monitor production throughout the life of the well.

AMBIT PLUS 24/7 Production Surveillance Services

AMBIT™ PLUS 24/7 Production Surveillance Services

Investing in a 24-hour surveillance service during your most critical phases of production in unconventional wells mitigates the threat...

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