AMBIT PLUS ESP Optimization Services

Optimize production and extend ESP life

Baker Hughes AMBIT™ PLUS ESP optimization services offer asset monitoring to effectively and efficiently optimize production. These services combine leading technology, premium customer service, and commercial strategies to help asset owners manage the delicate balance between system health and maximum production, with the ultimate goals of managing costs and increasing recovery.

The software platform integrates seamlessly with no special IT personnel requirements and provides real-time and historical ESP system data which is processed by real-time models to understand production rates and ESP system performance. The team of dedicated experts is constantly updating the models as new information feeds into the system to make optimizations based on operator goals, priorities, asset configurations, and budgetary requirements. The combination of expertise and advanced software capabilities helps you maximize production while maintaining system integrity and reduce maintenance and workover costs.

AMBIT PLUS ESP Optimization Services

AMBIT PLUS 24/7 Production Surveillance Services

AMBIT™ PLUS 24/7 production surveillance services provide expert monitoring, analysis, and decision making during the most critical startup phase of production.

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