Electronic Well Monitoring Solutions

Reliable and industry-trusted technology to monitor your wells

Our electronic well monitoring solutions provide reliable and industry-trusted technology systems that offer real-time well information, such as pressure and temperature. Design innovation ensures better return on investment through better reliability and longer operational lifetime with higher-quality data.

These solutions include:

  • SureSENS permanent gauge systems to deliver accurate downhole pressure and temperature data
  • SureFLO flow measurement systems to provide a better understanding of reservoir performance with accurate data throughout the lifecycle of the well
  • StageWatch retrievable gauge systems to gain sound reservoir data to guide your future perforating and fracturing programs

Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems

SureSENS™ permanent downhole monitoring systems deliver pressure, temperature, and vibration data to help operators determine and optimize production.


Flow Measurement Systems

Our flow measurement systems offer you the production data to eliminate the risk associated with not knowing what’s going on with your well.


StageWatch Fracture Analysis Services

The Baker Hughes StageWatch™ fracture analysis services collect reservoir data for future well planning, effective refracturing strategies, and a better understanding of the reservoir.

ESP Well Monitoring Solutions

Our WellLIFT™ monitoring services improve ESP performance and extend run life with reliable downhole data.

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