Flow Measurement Systems

Accelerate production and improve overall total recovery through real-time measurement

We have the real-time solution to your production questions. Our flow measurement systems offer you the production data to eliminate the risk associated with not knowing what’s going on with your well. Flow measurement enables a better understanding of reservoir performance. Our solutions ensure you have a tool you can rely on with highly accurate data through the life cycle.

Ever wished you had more data in between production logging tool runs? Ever wondered what happens the moment you shut in a well? How about the fear there may be crossflow between zones or even worse between wells?

Our innovative solutions ensure instrumenting your well reduces overall hydrocarbon delivery cost while increasing production forecast reliability. By connecting you to our experts, we’ll connect the dots to build a better picture of your reservoir productivity.

Allocate your production confidently

Our SureFLO™ downhole flow measurement system is all-electronic, offering accurate and reliable data from downhole to surface. These data enable you to allocate production with confidence whether zonal or well allocation. This portfolio comprises

SureFLO™ 298EX flowmeter—the innovative fullbore design minimizes pressure loss associated with downhole tools, ensuring your well can produce under its natural lift. This design also enables intervention to be performed through the flowmeter without any additional production downtime

SureFLO™ 298 flowmeterreceive highly accurate data—based our 15 yr experience—by customizing a wireline retrievable venturi design.

Ultimate execution means being there for you when you need us most. Gone are the days where we install and commission your tools and leave you to fend for yourself during your production phase. Our commitment is to deliver a service that ensures you have durable technology for improved operational efficiency. We customize this solution from a simple task of maintenance to being your 24/7 partner through the production cycle.


SureFLO 298 Flowmeter

The SureFLO™ 298 flowmeter enables you to make informed decisions that maximize productivity while decreasing operating cost.


SureFLO 298EX Flowmeter

The SureFLO™ 298EX flowmeter offers you real-time production data without affecting your recovery potential.

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